Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer

We can help you derive the stabilizer, please download the below sheet , fill it up and email us we will be glad to call you back and provide a customized power solution.

Servo Voltage Stabilizer Three Phase and Single Phase

Our SERVO StabilizerS are second to none

Every Industrial Appliance is different, and each area has its unique power challenges. The collective experience of our engineers and deployments is so broad that we have guidelines to provide on any challenge that could possibly pop up on the job site.

Whether you have High Voltage or Low Voltage or Continuously varying voltage, Neutral issue we can provide you an apt Stabilizer and Power Conditioning Solution. Mech has pioneered the Three Phase Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizers, which are used widely for Industrial Applications. Mech Engineers sets itself apart from the competition in several ways:

  • Reliability: More than 30 Years of experience manufacturing Voltage Stabilizers. Our Maximum orders are from our repeat customers, As Mech Engineers is synonymous to Reliability
  • Innovation and Customization: Custom Built As per specification & wide input voltage range with protection for harmonics, Neutral Protection, over/ under volt trip, Time delay, over load & Short CKT protection with MCB, Digital Display for 3 phase, etc . We provide path breaking Stabilizers which range upto 300 KVA in Air-Cooled option for Oil and Gas Industry
  • High Performance: All our Voltage Stabilizers are FULL RATED, with High-grade full Ampere rated Copper Variac, and German / Indian makes Switchgears. All Stabilizers are Heavy Duty and can withstand upto 90% Continuous Load and >96% Efficiency.
  • Customer Satisfaction : All our Stabilizers are made to alleviate Customers Voltage Fluctuation pain. We provide prompt service within and outside of warranty for all Mech and other Make Voltage Stabilizers. We have an entire team of Service Engineers who are always on the field to provide our customers with prompt service.

Standard Features

  1. true kva rating

  2. high efficiency

  3. Wide Operating Range

  4. DG Compatibility

  5. Autostart

  6. ​energy saving

  7. Overload & Short Circuit Protection

  8. Easy LED Display

  9. Digital VAF Meter

  10. Heavy Duty Motors


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